Our Staff

Who am I?

I have always known that the source of all wisdom comes from sharing our humanness with each other. The more I have experienced on earth the more I realize how interconnected we are. We can define our greatest attributes by being aware of whom we are at our best: healthy, hardworking, spiritual beings.

My path has taken me from many directions. I have worked at motherhood, accounting and controllership, technical and multimedia training and implementations for small to multinational companies. I have traveled the world and this country both on business and for pleasure. The piece that has always provided me with grounding and a connection to myself has been through health and fitness. I have a passion for working out: mountain-biking, skiing, rollerblading, soccer, mountain climbing, kayaking, Pilates, yoga, scuba diving and hiking….and just plain wiggling is good too!. In short, if I can move my body I am in heaven. I have always been interested in the emotional, spiritual and physical connection that one can have from a simple, mindful workout. I have had the joy and experience of solving many a problem walking in lovely forests or just watching the ocean drift into shore!

Maxine Walmsley  (Owner) 

BS Accounting

Personal Training through NASM

Pilates Training through PhysicalMind Institute

Thai Massage and Foot Reflexology through International Thai Massage

Chi Nei Tsang and Qigong through Chi Nei Tsang Institute

Elvis and Master Stretch through First Body Code System

Franklin Method Educator Level 3

Anatomy in Clay

Visceral Manipulation Level 1

Cranial Sacral Level 2

Gil Hadleys Dissection Class

Lois Laynee's Restorative Breathing

I am a Certified Massage Therapist

I just keep taking classes in numerous fields because I am curious and fascinated by all aspects of who we are as humans and how I can apply this understanding to my daily work.

Anne Kastner, Palo Alto Resident A new very high caliber Pilates Studio has opened quietly in Menlo Park, very close to the Post Office on Oak Grove. Core Body Connections, owned and operated by Maxine Walmsley offers EXCELLENT one on one, duet and small classes. I met Maxine at No Excuses where she worked prior to opening her own studio. I am now hooked on Pilates and Maxine. As many of you probably know Pilates and Yoga can be very effective alternatives for strength and flexibility training (vs free weights and machines) but ONLY if the instructor can clearly communicate the subtle often complex movements and breathing techniques. We are fortunate to have this competence right in our backyard. So if you are interested their website is www.cbcpilates.com or call at 408-348-3428. It's worth checking out!

Ellen Johnson, 54 year old, Campbell Resident “Since beginning Pilates with Maxine I have seen a big improvement in my strength, flexibility and overall muscle control. My back pain is gone, too. I’ve used other trainers before, but Maxine’s program is always creative, invigorating and effective. I keep coming back.”

For more information about the Core Body Connections staff or our programs, please contact us at 408-348-3428 or by clicking here.